In the event you want to fly under the radar, but with style...

Whether to block the sun, hide a bad hair day, disguise a tell-tale botox bruise (yes, I do), or avoid having to say hi to every single person I vaguely recognize on a quick errand (oh the perks of moving back to the town where you grew up), a great hat is really just the best thing to have on hand at all times. 

My amazing friend Cynthia gave me the eskyflavor hat that I am wearing in the picture above for my birthday, and I have yet to take it off- nor do I ever plan to. Unique, well-fitting and just big enough to feel undercover without feeling like I am trying to resurrect the Ashton Kutcher Trucker Hat era, it is absolute perfection. 

Of course, I have been stalking eskyflavor online ever since I got my hands on this- and you need to be too. There are a ton of clever and stylish ready-to-ship options, but most importantly, they have a custom option. Choose from dozens of hat color combos, type in your word or letters, select the foil for said word and voila- two weeks later you have a one-of-a-kind eskyflavor hat to call your own. 

Here are some other amazing snapbacks that I either already own or plan on owning in the near future, in case you too every find yourself in the sun, with frizzed out hair, post-botox or in the mood to be incognito for a bit:

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