Baby Style: Socks, Socks and More Socks

Hi, my name is Jenn. And I am addicted to baby socks that look like shoes. I can't help myself. And the discovery of really does not help my condition.

I am currently jonesing for as many  Trumpettes as Alexa's feet can handle. They seem to be the gold standard of baby socks that look like shoes- and with all the adorable styles, I can certainly see why. I mean, the Mary Janes were one thing (someone sent me those when she was born)- but the ballet slipper flats? Lace up pointe shoes? High top sneakers? Seriously? Soon I am going to have to build a new closet simply for Alexa's freaking socks. has the largest selection of-  yes, you guessed it- kids socks on the web, and they offer free shipping every day. Free shipping gets me every time- turning my typically rational online shopping habit into a hoarding-esque experience.

Kinda wishing they made sock-shoe hybrids for adults. I could totally get into that.