Because Sometimes You Just Want To Wear Jeans


Sure, it may have been like 100 degrees all weekend. But I wanted to wear jeans. My legs looked especially pale, they were peppered with bug bites and to be quite honest, I wasn't motivated to deal with the process of a meticulous shave. So I lived in GAP  splattered jeans.

With flip flops and a tee, I had that  "why of course I just slapped a coat of paint on my wall and lucky me my denim wears it well" casual cool thing going on. 

With bold hued stilettos and a silk tank, I impressed (errr, fooled?) people with my high fashion sensibility to pair such unexpected pieces together.

A couple weeks ago I wore them out to dinner with a bunch of girl friends and even though I was wearing these crazy conversation-starting earrings, all anyone wanted to know about was the jeans. At which point I further impressed/fooled the crew when I proudly shared that they were under $70. Go me, all thrifty. 

The bottom line? When you are short-shorted and maxi-dressed out, click here and call it a (very fashionable) day.