The Best Cover Ups Are Now 25% Off at Shopbop

I happen to have gorgeous friends. They are stunning, each and every one of them. Which is usually great- I mean, it is nice to pal around with pretty people, let's be honest. However, at this very moment, it is awful. Totally, completely, annoyingly awful. See, I still have about 20 pounds of baby weight to lose and we are heading out on a group beach vacation in a few days. Yay for vacation, of course- but boo hiss for not feeling too comfortable in my own skin. Blech. 

In an effort to enjoy said vacation and, even beyond that, the many beach and pool days ahead of me this summer while I work to whittle down to my pre-pregnancy size, I decided to treat myself to some new coverups. To "scare myself skinny", I have really not allowed myself to buy new "in between" pieces since having Goldie- but with beach coverups, since sizing never really has to be precise, I feel like I can go a little nuts and get one, two or, um, six boho, billowy, opaque options that will help hide the extra weight now and, once I am "back", will drape in a flattering way to expose toned arms and legs that will no longer closely resemble tree trunks (the power of positive thinking, right?).

Here are the 10 best cover ups I am ogling on Shopbop right now, and each and every one (including most everything else on the site) is 25% off through April 9th! 

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