Sporty One Piece Swimsuits For Summer

Black & White / Long Sleeve Gold / Navy & Aqua

Mint, Black & Cream / Red & Gray / Coral & Slate

This is my summer of the one-piece swimsuit. And while I am still completely obsessed with this miracle working bathing suit I wrote about last year, I need to add LOTS of options into my arsenal given that, in the immediate future, there is not a chance in hell I will bare any more of my body than is absolutely necessary. Fortunately, scuba-inspired sporty swimsuits are very much on trend for summer.

In my extensive swimsuit shopping experience (when you don't fit in to any bathing suits you currently own AND live in a beach town AND have a daughter who wants to jump into any open pool in her vicinity at all times, trust me, extensive may be an understatement) there are several elements that guarantee your sporty swimsuit will be as flattering as possible. Here they are:

1- A zipper down the middle elongates the torso and gives  the option to be a little sexy if you feel so inclined by unzipping ever so slightly.

2- Color blocked side stripes create accentuated (in a good way) curves.

3- Super stretchy material sucks you in where you want to be while not cutting off circulation around the arms and legs.

Above are a few of my most favorites- however, a special shout out is due to the navy and aqua Splendid one on the top right. It is INSANE- there is a built in bra that lifts and shapes, and somehow it manages to be incredibly comfy while also being flattering. Plus, it is well-priced. An all-around winner in my book.