FOUND! The Best T-Shirt Dress Ever from Monrow

Weekend Uniform

Black V-Neck Dress


Gray V-Neck Dress

Wedge Sneaker


White Sneaker


Metallic Flip Flop





Pendant Necklace

I am a BIG believer in uniforms- especially on weekends when we need to get up and  out of the house to start the day's parade of birthday parties, errands, family activities and such as soon as humanly possible. Having a go-to "thing" I can pull out of my closet while half-asleep and perhaps also slightly hungover takes one anxiety-causing event off the table for the day. 

On a recent "I have nothing to wear" online shopping binge, I decided to try out a

Monrow t-shirt dress

. And I am gonna say it's $117 well spent on what is for sure the best t-shirt dress ever. 

Why? The fit is INSANE! Like, somehow sucks you in without being constricting at all. The dress maintains a casual vibe but given the sleek silhouette it can easily be dressed up. And, the skirt portion is double layered so it disguises any extra, um, baggage and is completely, 100% opaque, even when you are squatting down in the most unflattering way possible to, say, pick up the beach toys that your 4 year old refuses to pick up herself even though she insisted on bringing them to the playground and promised- even pinky swore!- that she would clean them up when she was done playing with them. 

Depending on the day's itinerary, I either wear wedge sneakers (

these Isabel Marants

are on my wish list, but not quite ready to put my beloved

Nike wedges

on the back burner),

classic Converse

, or metallic


. Accessories are typically minimal- a

long pendant necklace

, a

single bracelet

and some sort of

edgy earring

situation to make me feel slightly cool.