Dannijo Gia Necklace: What I Wear Every Day.

DANNIJO GIAWhen I am rushing out the door in the morning, I have a tendency to throw on a somewhat simple outfit- we are talking borderline boring. But ever since I incorporated this necklace into my wardrobe- by the incredibly talented sisters behind Dannijo- people have been complementing me on the same outfits that often go unnoticed. There is something about the Gia necklace that transforms whatever you are wearing into something much cooler.

And, while it looks like it would be heavy- it isn't.

I love it so much that I hammered an extra hook next to the full length mirror in my closet to hang it on. This way, every morning as I give myself the final once over, I am reminded that whatever I am wearing will look that much better with this puppy around my neck.