Fashion Find: 2 Perfect Pairs of Jeans (That I Didn't Need, But Had To Have)

Regardless of actual NEED, when fall comes around, I always feel compelled to buy new jeans. True, I need them like a hole in the head. But when has that stopped me? Unfortunately, hardly ever.

This time around, I was craving a well-fitting pair of bell-bottom-esque flares, and a pair of skinnies that I could wear with flats (all 8 pairs of the J Brand 10" Ankle Skinnies that I used to love so dearly have stretched out beyond repair).

Welcome to my over-stuffed closet, 7 for All Mankind Rachel Petite Bellbottom jeans ($169 at Piperlime) and DL1961 Emma Legging jeans ($138 at Shopbop).

Why these two pairs, you ask? Well, that's easy- broke it down for ya below.

7 for All Mankind Rachel Petite Jeans:

  • Super dark wash that can easily be dressed up
  • Crisp lines, much more structure than any pair I currently own
  • They are cut for petite frames- and when you hem a pair of flare jeans as much as I need to in order to keep them from dragging behind me like a train, unless they are made for petites in the first place, you completely ruin the proportions


DL1961 Emma Legging Jeans:

  • Nice rich inky wash, that, while not terribly edgy or worn-in looking, is infinitely flattering
  • Perfect length- no hemming needed, can be slightly scrunched to work with flats and when I wear heels, nobody will question if I was waiting for the flood or some other obnoxious metaphor for "your jeans are weirdly short"
  • My experience with DL1961 has proven to me that unlike some other skinny jeans that I used to be obsessed with (ahem, J Brand) they truly hold their shape and fit so after a day of wear I don't have to traipse around the city pulling up the waist of my pants every 3 blocks