Fashion Find: Ali Ro Ruffle Anorak

I have really had enough with this rain. Quite quickly I am running out of downpour-friendly maternity fashion options, and dragging my giant rain boots around is no easy feat these days. But the one thing that is getting me through this dreariness with some semblance of style is my Ali Ro Ruffle Anorak. I loved it before I was pregnant, and I must say, I love it even more now because it still fits!

It isn't going to keep you  bone dry in a monsoon- but it is going to keep you dry enough in a drizzle.  I have worn it to the gym with yoga pants and sneakers, and I have worn it over a cocktail dress- the ruffles dress it up, but the material and the hood means it can also easily be casual. And it packs up nice a small- an added bonus.