Fashion Find: Me? Sophisticated? With This LBD, Perhaps.

I didn't intend to buy a black dress when I went to Saks with my mom last week. I didn't particularly need one. But sometimes, when you come across a piece that you just know, instinctually, is going to take your look up a notch, you just have to fork over the credit card. This Josie Natori dress is one such piece.

To be honest, I had no clue Josie Natori did ready-to-wear. I happened to be on the floor at Saks I don't normally go to (when shopping with  mom, I veer from my usual direct route to the 5th floor) and saw this dress draped on a mannequin. The epitome of a very overused fashion phrase  "simple, but sophisticated". And since I don't do sleeveless unless forced, the sleeve factor was a huge motivator to get undressed and try the damn thing on.

'Twas love at first site. Lightweight fabric that is perfect for travel, and I know for sure that with the right mix of accessories, I can get tons of mileage out of this dress- be it a cocktail party, a work event, a tv segment or a date night with my husband. One of these days I will do a post showing it in a few different scenarios, as soon as I have the occasions to get creative. (Beyond the Lululemon pants and Hanes V-neck tees that have become my uniform as of late- shhh....)

Oh- and the day after this purchase, I went to a press preview for Josie Natori's intimates and loungewear collection for Target, coming out later this year. Josie Natori was there, wearing none other than my new dress in a beautifully shocking shade of pink.  Which I am still jealous of. Anyway- we bonded instantly (she couldn't be sweeter, by the way) and she let me in on two secrets:

1) She originally designed the dress in pink AND black, but Saks only wanted black (playing it safe, I guess) so the one she was wearing was actually her sample- the only one of it's kind.

2) Her Fall collection features the same silhouette, in cashmere. I will certainly be buying it.

The dress is $395 (which for a dress with such timeless style is really a good price), you can check it out here.

If you don't mind, leave a comment about your LBD of choice- if you happen to be able to find a link to it online, include that as well- so I can check it out.