FOUND: Sweat-Proof Summer Dresses

I find summer weekend days to be the most challenging occasions to dress well for. Shorts and a burnout tee tend to look too casual, most of the dresses in my closet are too dressy to be worn with flat sandals, and even cropped jeans seem inappropriate for sweltering city days. It is like groundhog day every Saturday- my husband and I have plans to meet friends for brunch or want to spend a day walking around the city, and I say "what should I wear?". He always replies with "something cute." I walk out in khaki shorts that are 2 sizes too big and a white v-neck tee with a look of defeat already on my face. He says "why don't you put on a dress?", I say "what dress?", then he proceeds to pull something out of my closet that is meant to be worn for a tv segment with sky high heels and major accessories. Not exactly appropriate.

Last week, on a mission to finally crack the code of casual chic summer attire, I set out in search of easy, breezy summer dresses- and happened to find 2 that I am loving:

Splendid Stripe Bubble Dress: Usually I steer clear of horizontal stripes and elastic waist dresses, but this one drapes beautifully and somehow manages to be flattering. Plus, the generous arm holes make it pretty much impossible to get  sweat stains, which is a feature you can't put a price tag on it is so freaking valuable. To me, at least.

James Perse Elastic Waist Kimono Dress: So lightweight with a snug fit that doesn't feel tight. It is the perfect canvas for summer accessories. However- I must warn you that the wide neckline has a tendency to flounce and leave you exposed if you aren't constantly watching your posture. So, in the interest of keeping it PG, I suggest wearing a cami with a shelf bra underneath. 

Given that we still have a significant number of sweat-inducing summer days left, I clearly need to add more to my repertoire. Suggestions?

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