Good Outfit Day: Chambray Shirt & Mini

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Today was one of those good outfit days. I got tons of compliments on my get-up, which actually was quite simple to put together and to be honest, something I never thought I would wear. (If only Norman had thumbs, I would have him take a photo of me but the poor little pup doesn't- sorry! Use your imagination I guess :))

The Top: Theory Chambray Button Down. Well, I swore I would never wear a denim shirt, no matter how "in" it became. Hmm- does chambray count? Well- if it does, I am hypocrite. But at least a well-dressed one. I got this Theory top a few months ago and I like to think of it as interchangeable with a white tee- the perfect pairing basic.

The Bottom: I went through a big dress phase, and before that, a big pant phase. This is the first time in my life I have been in a big skirt phase. But I am realizing that skirts offer lots of versatility while still being girly and surprisingly easy to wear.  My favorite skirts are the ones I get from Thread Social. Recently I bought this one which is still in stores and a great find- but today's skirt is from a couple seasons ago and literally season-less.

The Moral of the Oufit: Even though the skirt isn't around anymore- it is a moot point. Because, the moral of this story is that you can wear a basic chambray button down with ANYTHING. And it looks cool. Woo hoo.

Oh- and here is one more chambray shirt I am a big fan of in case you are in the market: