Maternity Style: The Best $25 Maternity Dress Ever Made.



Let me begin with a little rant. See, in my head, this pregnancy was gonna be the one where I defied genetics, religiously worked out, ate clean, and pranced around town with a  little basketball belly, glowing and happy. Instead, I gained an unfathomable amount of weight seemingly overnight. As a result, I could not bear to work out because of the possibility of catching my own reflection in the mirror (take it from me, the sight of one's self doing a burpee with, um, 40 extra points on her body, is not a visual you get recover from quickly), which left me with more time to eat- and we aren't talking greens from the garden.  Getting dressed every day is a task I honestly dread.

Thankfully there are a handful of maternity purchases I have recently made that keep me from going into total and complete seclusion- and this dress is one of them. Not only is it one of them, it is the MOST AFFORDABLE one of them. By a longshot.  

Pay it forward! Pass this post along to anyone you know who is currently- or ever plans to be- pregnant.  I know first hand how hard it is to feel good when you don't feel like you look good, and can attest to the power of these pieces at changing my mood on many an occasion over the past few months.

Here are 8 other maternity style staples that I honestly feel are so worth every penny.

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