Maternity Style: A Perfect Thread Social Dress (Yes, Another One)

If I could wear this dress 2-3 times a week without getting suspicious stares, I would.

The dress is Thread Social- as you all know by now, one of my go-to labels, and happens to be the coziest jersey fabric ever. It definitely benefits from the definition of a thick belt (in my opinion these days, however, belting makes everything better), so I threw on a great basic belt I picked up at H&M a few weeks ago.  Then, went with patterned Assets by SPANX tights (for anyone ever pregnant in the fall/winter, I recommend ordering at least 10 pairs, you will live in them, they feel great on and are nice and opaque) and my new and very beloved Be&D Whitbey boots. So as not to compete with the belt, I resisted the temptation to go with a big chunky necklace and instead wore two gorgeous, delicate Lia Sophia matte black metal with dark gray crystal ball strands.