Maternity Style: Tucker Dress at Piperlime

I am on a mission to figure out how to dress with my ever-expanding belly- so in an effort to scare myself in to putting together great looks, I have decided to share "Maternity Style" photos a couple times a week. It is like those people years ago on Dateline I think it was who lost weight because they were told if they didn't, they would have to broadcast photos of themselves in bathing suits in Times Square. But one thing I can PROMISE- no bathing suits here. That would just be rude.

Anyway- I broke out my most favorite maternity look to date yesterday in the form of this non-maternity section Tucker dress I picked up at Piperlime.

All I did to make it work for me was move the belt from the waist up a few inches to create an empire style. Yeah, it was a tad short (paired with my most favorite knee-high brown Gucci boots I live in every Fall- scored at a major sale at Bergdorf 3 years ago to balance out the expsosure of too much skin) so in a month or so I will probably need to throw brown tights on with it. But I love the colors, love the silk (it is slightly more substantial than most silky dresses, which is key for me- anything too delicate freaks me out) and love that I can wear it long after this baby bump situation.