My Two Cents: How To Make a Sale Purchase You'll Be Proud Of


As far as fashion retailers are concerned, Spring has sprung. But really, it hasn't. So may as well take advantage of the final markdowns on winter merchandise while you can still get some wear out of them, right?

I have made many a bad purchase decision under the influence of deep discounts- but this is not one of them. Purchasing this Milly coat on sale in Boca last month took about, let's see, 45 seconds from rack to register. And while often times a quick draw of the credit card like that can signal a piece that is surely to never be worn, in this case, I did good. Because I have worn it many times since, and truly believe it is timeless.

So here is my take on end-of-season sale shopping- don't buy the basic that is *almost* perfect. There is usually a reason a clearly classic piece is on the sale rack- something in the fit or wearability is off.  Instead, look to statement pieces that resonate with your wardrobe.

In my case, I always reach for jeans or leggings and a black cami when I don't know what to wear, then I throw a jacket of some sort on top.  I have a rack full of well-tailored blazers and easy-to-wear lady like swing coats and such. Hence it makes sense for me to scoop up a piece like this. It is bold, so not every woman across America would think to purchase it. As such, there it sat on the sale rack, sandwiched between oversized sequin sweatshirts and crazy floral print ruffle blouses.

However, it is just bold enough to freshen up my go-to uniform and therefore will forever be deemed a sale purchase I am proud of. Which is not something I can say for many of the ill-fitting black pants or white tee shirts I have excitedly hoarded at sales in the past.

Do tell- what is your best ever sale purchase?

And if you don't mind, share your sage sale shopping tips with the rest of us, will ya? Thanks.