The Most Photogenic Maternity Dress Ever.

Nothing like kicking off  your third trimester then a photo-op with four lovely, leggy models, right?

On Tuesday, I was invited to host a fashion presentation for Neiman Marcus showcasing the trends for the season- something I always love doing. What isn't to love about getting to play dress up in a closet that is literally the entire inventory of one of my favorite shopping destinations?  I styled 20 looks for 4 models to waltz down the runway in- every single one of them something I myself would love nothing more than to be able to wear right now. But not only can I not fit into said looks, I can't even get MY SHOES ON MY FEET ANYMORE! For real.

So, I had to show up at a very prestigious retailer to host a fashion presentation for a very prestigious group of women wearing...gasp...FLATS! And not just flats, since those barely fit over my heels right now, but FLIP FLOPS. Yep. Flip flops. In November.

But I was able to make it work, and actually make it work kinda well. How?

The most amazing Rachel Pally Maternity maxi dress and super simple, super chic Tkees

I have been meaning to blog about Rachel Pally Maternity since I first added 2 of her maxi dresses to my maternity wardrobe because they really are the most incredible investments a pregnant girl can make. And if you are going to an occasion where you will be photographed, most likely next to people who are thinner and taller than you are (since you are, duh, pregnant and most likely also wearing flats), this should be your uniform. Her dresses are made of the coziest modal jersey fabric, and cut narrow so as to hug the body in the right places (i.e. your ribcage), and drape beautifully over your bump so even if the spread situation is more side-to-side than frontal facing, there is the illusion that you are "all baby bump". 

You won't necessarily be able to waltz through the rest of your life draped in (a super chic spin on a) mumu. So, while you can, you may as well WORK IT.  Bedeck yourself in gold jewelry, load up on bronzer and mascara (top and bottom lashes!), swipe on some golden nude lipstick, throw on flip flops and embrace your inner '70s glamazon. 

These days I do not often feel cute. But, for the few minutes I had to stand next to these ladies, I thankfully felt stylish.  All thanks to Rachel Pally and  what I deem the effortless-hippie-chic vibe of her maternity maxi dresses. That, my friends, is priceless.