I Rarely Stalk Fashion Items, But...


I have dreamt about this Rebecca Minkoff jacket since the second I saw it in People Stylewatch last month. I ripped out the page featuring it, I tweeted about it, I fantasized about all the places I would wear it. Completely and totally smitten. To a stalkerish level.

I would put on a outfit and think to myself, wow- this would look SO much better with that amazing Rebecca Minkoff Becky Jacket on top.

This morning, around 3am, I was up, about to feed the baby. While warming her bottle I scrolled my Twitterfeed as I tend to do, and saw a tweet from Rebecca Minkoff saying that the piece was still available at Big Drop. Typically I avoid shopping at places like Big Drop because they have such terrible return policies. Not that I return often, but just out of principal, I try and shop places that actually cater to the customer as opposed to trying to screw them any which way they can. But clearly had to make an exception in this case.

The order has been placed. The shipping confirmation is in my inbox. And I am happy as a very well-dressed (or soon to be) clam.

DO TELL- What fashion item are you stalking in a borderline creepy way for summer?