Now that my closet is uber-successfully cleaned out and organized, I am obsessed with keeping it that way. Which means thoroughly thinking through what new items come in, just as I thoroughly thought through what old items went out. First on the list- jeans. So, when Mitchells, one of my go-to shopping destinations, invited me in to check out their spring denim supply, I was like "HELL YES."

Three tips I swear by for a productive jeans shopping session (hint: bring two pairs of shoes and a lot of patience), along with a couple of styles that I fell madly in love with (one came home with me instantly, the other I am going back for later today), are featured today on the Mitchells blog- check it out.

And, should you ever find yourself in Westport (or near one of Mitchells' other stores) I highly recommend popping in. Not only are they a denim destination with every brand you already love and brands you never knew existed but are bound to love, but they offer free alterations (major time saver).

Oh- and an insider tip gleaned from being a regular Mitchells visitor since I was a little girl: There is a lounge just to the left of the check out area that stocks things like peanut M&Ms, fountain sodas, and numerous other treats which make it quite easy to convince my five year old to accompany me for a shopping trip (and if you know my five year old, that is NO easy feat.) I loved it then for the sugar high, I love it now as a "I just need to try on ONE more thing, 'kay?" bribery tool.