The Best Dress I Ever Owned: Torn By Ronny Kobo


When there is a dress in your closet that you know is going to make you feel amazing the second you put it on, making plans to go out gets that much less daunting.

This white dress from Torn By Ronny Kobo is to fancy nights out what my Citizens of Humanity jeans and pink waffle knit Vanessa Bruno henley was to first dates- the thing that makes them not just bearable, but even fun. 

Here are the reasons why everyone should strongly consider owning it:

1- It sucks you in and smoothes you out- the raised tonal stripes give a texture that somehow makes the suck-in factor more powerful than any dress I have ever put on my body.

2- The material has enough hold and thickness to make a bra unnecessary- you can place what you have where you want it, stick on some of these to keep it decent, and dance the night away without worrying about bra lines (my nemesis- hate nothing more than what I call "back fat wings") or jiggling. 

3- While yes, it is tight and short, it is truly does come off as tasteful (at least in my opinion, perhaps others who celebrated NYE with me would disagree but I don't think so). White, first of all, is significantly more innocent seeming than, say, gunmetal or black. And the fabric is substantial- the aforementioned raised tonal stripes add subtle dimension that makes the dress elegantly form fitting, as opposed to slutty skin tight. 

4- It is essentially a glorified sweater dress. Which means it is actually comfy to wear, and pairs just as perfectly with boots as it does with tights and heels, or bare legs and sandals. This can be worn year round (as long as you have a spray tan service on speed dial- if you need a recommendation, let me know).

Currently mine is at the dry cleaners and I am praying to the dry cleaning deities to bring it back safe, sound and unscathed by the red wine perils of drinking and dancing into the wee hours at the Spotted Horse on New Year's Eve. Who knew a party in suburbia could be so wonderfully rowdy? Clearly given my decision to wear a white dress, not I. 

Torn by Ronny Kobo Malena Dress: $366.00 at Shopbop