Just Because My Thighs Touch, Doesn't Mean I Should Suffer.

Until recently, I was the girl who, even in 100 degree heat, was running outside in leggings. I was also the girl wearing leggings in hot yoga. And in spin class. And, well, everywhere. (Hey, what do you want from me? I have morphed into a suburban mom who works from home and when not behind my desk can be found chasing a toddler through the aisles of Trader Joes.)

The idea of wearing shorts to work out has always been, and will forever be, unfathomable. They are uncomfortable and ugly. And not very performance friendly (if your thighs do happen to touch at the top- i.e. you are HUMAN!- you know what I am talking about.)

Enter the Apifeni Belle Skirt. Functional, fashionable and my new waist-down uniform for Bikram, biking and balmy days.  Oh- and if you are a Barre class fanatic- can you imagine a more adorable way to indulge your inner ballerina? Seriously- all you need is that wrap-around Capezio sweater and you are set.

(You will also see the Alexandra Tank in this video- which I could go on and on about, especially the black one because, in addition to wearing it to the gym,  I have worn it out almost every night for the past 3 weeks, looks amazing under a blazer or on its own- but I digress...As usual....)