To Clean Out One's Coat Closet, One Needs The Perfect Coat: Mackage

Over the years I have amassed a collection of mediocre cold weather gear. It isn't that I didn't want to throw on a perfectly chic yet still really warm coat every day, but I never seemed to be find just the one. So instead, like a girl juggling multiple so-so guys in an effort to feel fulfilled while still secretly searching for the one, I kept buying and buying, never feeling truly thrilled with what I owned.

Then, I popped into the Mackage store in Soho, and everything changed.  I am now the proud owner of the two most perfectly amazing coats I have ever seen- take a gander at the images below an try to tell me that you don't agree.

One the left is my "wear to work, out to casual dinner or stroll around the city on the weekend" coat, otherwise known as the Kendra. Next to it is my "walk the dog, run to Flywheel, or spend the entire day doing errands in leggings but with my butt covered" coat, which Mackage has named Adali. They both have a slim, flattering fit and are so warm that I tend to sweat in them (yes, I sweat in everything so this may not be compelling news to anyone, but I sweat in them significantly).

Upon putting them in my coat closet, I promptly removed every other coat in my mediocre menagerie and donated them to New York Cares.

See? When I scout out the perfect purchase, everyone wins.