Virtual Shopping: Wedges

Sure, I may break an ankle racing around the city sidewalks in them, but they have to be more comfortable than my usual sky-high heels, right? To round out my obsession with all things '70s for Spring, I am lusting after the perfect pair of wedges- preferably with as much cork involved as possible. Purchase of choice: Chloe Cork-Wedge Slingback Sandal

Why to buy: Most wedges I have found have ankle straps. And there are few things I despise as much as ankle straps. They can make even the most toned legs look like tree trunks. The way the front straps dip down in a V shape elongates the leg, I am a sucker for anything in Luggage.

How to wear: I think you can wear these puppies with almost anything. Wide leg denim is most obvious, but evenwith your old skinny jeans, the clunkiness of the shoe only serves to make your leg look thinner. And the gold buckle signals a need for lots of gold accessories- something to which I would happily oblige.