Flesh Beauty Review: Fleshpot For Eyes and Cheeks

New makeup brands intrigue me. With so many amazing cosmetic lines out there, it always leaves me a little bewildered that anybody would have the balls to launch a new one- the competition is crazy, and it seems like every niche has been filled.

When Flesh Beauty started popping up in my Instagram feed, it caught my eye instantly because, well, I loved the logo font (and I just realized it may be the same font I use on my new blog design, come to think of it)… The cornerstone of the brand isn’t super relevant to me personally- I have never had an issue finding the right hue to match my fair skin- but I LOVE that Flesh is built on the mission to be all-inclusive with 40 shades of foundation right from the start.

Foundation isn’t something I need more of. But there is one thing that I needed to have IMMEDIATELY. I wanted it SOOOOO badly I couldn’t even deal with waiting for it to come in the mail. So, last month, in the pouring rain, I loaded Goldie into the car, parked, unbuckled her from her carseat, and ran like an Olympic sprinter (carrying a 38 pound kettlebell in my arms) to Ulta.

And it was worth the ruined blowout and soggy sneakers. Because I scored the last jar of Fleshpot Eye and Cheek Gloss in the entire store.

Ever since the days of CK One’s Eye Gloss, I am a SUCKER for anything called a gloss that is not intended for the lips. (Anyone remember that product? Basically re-packaged and cleverly named clear lipgloss, but I totally fell for it and totally loved it.)

It is INCREDIBLE. The not-greasy-at-all sheen glimmers on eyelids, cheeks and lips- and depending on the light and the angle, the gold, peach and pink pigments change shades.

Wear it alone. Dab it on over makeup. Or, my favorite hack for a sexy smoky eye is to put on some charcoal or black eyeliner (THIS is my pick for this kind of thing) and then smudge it with a dab of Fleshpot and you get this glossy lid situation that makes doing the whole dramatic eye thing pretty fool proof.

I am obsessed. You will be too. Promise. (And now please excuse me while I order the two new limited edition shades- online only HERE- how sick are they?!)