Universally Gift-able Goods (Under $30!) That I Always Buy In Bulk.

When modern, sleek coasters go on sale, I always buy them. You can give them to ANYONE- I buy mine in bulk  HERE .

When modern, sleek coasters go on sale, I always buy them. You can give them to ANYONE- I buy mine in bulk HERE.

In my head at least, I have a fairly organized timeline of holiday planning- it kicks off right after Thanksgiving with the ordering of the “always-dreaded-but-happy-we-did-it holiday card” (more on that soon) and is followed quickly by the “stock-the-empty-shelf-in-the-linen-closet-with-gifts-I-can-give-to-anyone” shopping spree. Because I know myself- I will blink and suddenly it is the day I have to send teacher gifts to school/bring something thoughtful to a party/drop off a little present to my colorist/not look like an empty handed a-hole when so and so pops by with a surprise treat…

My strategy? Bulk buy non-holiday-specific gifts (in case I have leftovers, I can use them for hostess or birthday gifts year-round !) that fall within the following parameters:

- Under $30 a pop
- Cool enough to be exciting
- Not overly trendy or too niche so as to alienate any potential recipient- so, said gift should work for a teetotaling teacher’s assistant, a social butterfly babysitter, AND a 50-something coworker with decidedly sophisticated taste.

Got it? Great. Okay- now here is a list of 10 winners worthy of an online order- trust me, you are gonna feel like a major holiday weight has been lifted once you click to purchase:

1- Whimsical Book: Not a suspense novel, but a fun book like this that makes for a cute addition to a shelf, adds color on a coffee table, or offers a quick- and decorative- bedside read.
2- Cool Coasters: I get mine HERE - the prices are always good (the ones in the photo above were actually part of a bulk buy binge last year, I have this one set left and can’t bear to part with it just yet…).
3- YETI Mug: Men, women, teens- everyone loves YETI right now- and this is a quick ship on Amazon, tons of color options, and priced well (esp. for YETI.)
4- Metallic Tumblers: Metallics go with any decor, and love that this pair has a quirky element (and comes as a set of 2)- these are the glasses you can assume nobody already owns.
5- Light Up Letterboard: I have one, and I use it all the time- it is that random thing that adds a custom element to any photo or party, and every time I gift one, it is a huge hit.
6- Glass/Metal Tabletop Vase: To hold pens, a single flower or add into a tabletop tableau- everyone has a spot in their home or office that will be made better by adding one of these.
7- Modern Minimalist Frames: Obsessed with the dimensional style of these- they read jewel-like and girly or architectural and masculine all at once.
8: Clever Catch-All: Part fashion, part function- this one in particular is just awesome for all ages.
9: Petite Planter: The succulent trend isn’t going away (YAY!) and this petite planter is perfectly proportioned to hold a single succulent, or a handful of oversized matches, or scent sticks, or anything!
10: Chic Soap: This is that gift that captures everything fun about gifting- over-the-top enough that one rarely would buy it for him or herself, but once one owns it, one instantly feels like his or her style has been elevated. Oh- and the packaging is so gorgeous you never need to wrap it- BONUS!