LEOPARD. Yup, it's happening.

It seems totally bold and statement-y and not meant for everyday “throw and go” wear. But the truth is, leopard print can actually be the total opposite of a high-effort, “done” look.

How do I know? Because Monday, with 6 minutes to spare before I had to get up to the studio at “Today” for the first live tease (teases are those usually kinda awkward 3 second clips you see before a commercial break when a voiceover “teases” what is coming up next) before my Better Basics segment, I hastily threw on these leopard pants I purchased on a whim while rushing to catch my train the night before. Paired with a black tank, crop blazer and heels, I sprinted up the steps and, next time I looked at my phone, it was 9am and my work was done. (You can see said pants in action- as well as my segment- HERE.)

It was time to rush back to real life- the rain was coming down hard, and I didn’t have a minute to spare- so I kept on my “tv clothes” (which I never do because I like to travel in leggings and these sweatshirts at all time) but threw off my heels and slipped into my favorite sneakers. Upon arrival back in the ‘burbs, I had just enough time to dash upstairs and trade the blazer for a jean jacket, then it was off to the races- preschool pickup, grocery run, elementary school pickup, ballet class, home to prep dinner, back to ballet class, baths, dinner, etc.

I wore the damn pants the entire time. And I felt awesome. Never have I gotten so many compliments on a weekday article of clothing- and never have I been so comfortable in a non-athleisure look.

So the lesson learned is this- one piece of leopard is enough to elevate an entire outfit- and the print really does take on the vibe of whatever you wear it with (almost like the tofu of fashion, if you will…and I will…).

Here are 6 pieces of leopard that even the most animal-print-averse can add into the rotation.

1- Body Con Leopard Dress: Paired as in this pic with sneakers, this dress is really just so easy.

2- Printed Cami: Under a cropped red or black or- my favorite right now- dark green fuzzy sweater, it protects from itchy fabrics and looks French Girl cool.

3- Faux Fur Coat: The bigger, the better- obsessed with this affordable winter coat option year after year.

4- Leopard Print Sweater: Not only is the print the thing, but the balloon sleeves are of-the-moment and really cute on.

5- Printed Scarf: This is the best one I found- and it’s on Amazon- for around $10- you will live in it, seriously.

6- Ankle Boot: I am shocked that this is on sale and all sizes are currently available- it is the perfect shape, and looks awesome with any hue of denim.