Decorating Diary: Sconce Stalking

Since I am still convinced that the only person that reads my blog is my mom, I was shocked and VERY pleasantly surprised to receive so many emails from readers asking me to share the trials and tribulations of becoming a homeowner and, most importantly, all the details on the whole decorating thing. I must confess that decorating scares the bejeesus (not even sure how to spell that word but have always wanted to use it) out of me. Outfits, makeup- easy and fun. But give me a three dimensional space and tell me things have to fit, coordinate (to an extent) AND be logistically livable? Panic ensues. 

Full disclosure- I hired an interior designer to help me through this whole process. Going from 3 rooms to like 30 rooms (well not quite, but feels that way) is a major jump, and one that I had no idea how to even begin to make. And since we are building our house- when we bought it it was about 60% done, so we have the exciting (and overwhelming) opportunity to customize every last detail- there really are so many more decisions to be made then I ever imagined possible. 

Since there isn't much good TV on in the summer, my weeknights have become all about stalking design sites and Pinterest-ing like a crazy person. One of the first orders of business? Sconces. Who knew houses needed SO MANY sconces? 

Below, three of the many we selected.  If you happen to be in the market, I highly suggest visiting Bellacor and Wayfair. Amazing selections and really well priced.