I Clearly Had to Try This: Plush Puffs Marshmallow Cake

I was on Abe's Market the other day perusing the natural beauty offerings (they have some amazing finds on there- if you haven't checked it out, I highly recommend), and a pop-up appeared, enticing me with my own personal kryptonite- marshmallows. I LOVE marshmallows. Like, a lot. And typically I feel that the less a marshmallow costs, the better it tastes. I will take a $3 bag of Jet Puffed over fancy gourmet ones any day. But this particular Plush Puffs marshmallow made me second guess my ways, because, well- it was HUGE. Two pounds, to be exact. So maybe when you amortize the cost($28) over the amount of mallow- it could be on par with my mathematic marshmallow quality equation.

Billing itself as a Marshmallow Cake, I clearly had to try it. Immediately. So, I sent one to myself at the office. Jury is still out on whether this is as sad as being the girl who sends herself roses at the office- but my intention was pure- I simply had to taste this thing. They were out of my first choice- Vanilla- so I settled for Caramel. It arrive bundled up in a cellophane wrap which I promptly tore through. Cutting it wasn't so easy- it actually ended up being much easier to maneuver on the second day, when it had hardened just enough. But it was delicious. Completely and totally delicious. A little on the sweet side- but hey, it is billed as a cake, so I can't hate on it for that.

So yes, I was the pregnant girl sitting at her desk with a fistful of marshmallow in hand, like a scene out of some bad chick flick. But I can't claim to be a true marshmallow maven if I don't take my market research seriously, right? And now, when I am in need of a fun gift for that hard to shop for person, I know exactly where to turn.