Lipsticks I Am Loving, As Seen on TODAY

Jenn Falik's Favorite Lipsticks

Jenn Falik's Favorite Lipsticks

In honor of National Lipstick Day (yes, there is one!), I shared some choice lipstick innovations on the Today Show this morning (you can check out the clip here in case you missed it). Such a fun segment....

Anyway, in my quest to deliver the best segment possible, I spent days reviewing lipsticks- my kitchen table was covered in colorful tubes, a surface that, to my daughter's delight, meant a bevy of fun shades were within reach of her short little arms! 

As is always the case with live television, many more lipsticks struck my fancy than I was able to give ample airtime to, so here is a short list of four favorites that you all should have on your radars (and in your makeup bags), stat.

1- Too Faced Melted: The color selection is awesome (this one is my favorite), and as such, the intense color payoff a major plus- these are bold hues you WANT to be wearing. It has the staying power of a stain, with rich finish of a lipstick, with the perfect hint of glossiness to make it wearable. 

2- YSL Baby Doll Kiss and Blush: Yeah, yeah the whole lip and cheek thing has been done, but never like this. In my experience, double duty products of this sort  dumb down the quality of the lip color in order to make it work as a glow-y blush, but not YSL. The whipped mousse texture makes a statement on the lips, while providing the perfect pop of color on the cheeks. And it lasts (and lasts!) on both. A win-win. 

3- Sisley Paris Phyto Lip Twist: Lip crayons are one of the best things to happen to lipstick, they make application fool-proof. Don't let the balm-like texture fool you- these are not sheer tinted balms, rather, they are bold (and build-able) formulas that make the perfect starter for even the most lipstick-weary.

4- Dior 'Addict' Fluid Stick: Instead of using wax, Dior formulated these lovelies with water- they feel so light on the lips you will forget you have anything on. Which is kinda cool because then every time you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror you are pleasantly surprised by your statement-making smile.