Mistake Made, But (Important Personal) Lesson Learned.


This photo was taken just before I spoke to an audience of online video gamers who live-stream via Twitch

at TwitchCon (yes, that is a thing) in San Francisco. 

See, I THOUGHT that taking a break from writing would help me to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. But, as happens quite often (at least according to my increasingly sassy 5 year old daughter), I was wrong.

Since I last posted, tons of things have happened- I help to launch this very cool new company in the eSports space (and subsequently became well-versed on the gigantic world of online video gaming and this crazy huge live stream platform called Twitch), took about 100 SoulCycle classes (probably more, if I am being honest here), spent quality time with my family (my husband was on something called "garden leave" which basically means between leaving one job to start another, he has to take 3 months off), traveled a ton (highlights include Barcelona, Marrakesh, Paris, Turks & Caicos and a bizarrely cool visit to this place called Primland in the Meadows of Dan, Virginia), cooked a couple meals, started re-decorating the girls' playroom and so on....Pretty much the only thing I didn't do is write.

Now, six months later, I have allowed myself to recognize that writing my blog was not the thing that was hanging over my head and holding me back from figuring out my next move. Quite the opposite, it is the thing that keeps me creatively engaged and energized. It is a constant within which I can log my life, share things that I find and fall in love with, and connect with people about topics that mutually matter. Writing is the thing that comes most naturally to me, and the thing that I enjoy most- and while yeah, the logistics of blogging can bum me out (I mean, how many hours should one realistically have to spend figuring out how to center an image or fix weird spacing quirks that appear for no apparent reason?), the cathartic sensation I feel every time I hit the "Publish" button is just something I need back in my life, regardless of the tech strings that are attached.

So- hi. I am gonna be hanging out here again- venting about parenting, musing about what I want to be tomorrow or ten years from now, and sharing the stuff  I discover that actually makes a difference in my life- be it the best fitting high-waisted jeans (these, by the way) or the lunchbox that takes the stress out of having to make my daughter's lunch every day (this is it, guys- get it.)

Hope you will all let me back in your lives and continue the amazing support- because seriously, it wasn't you. It was me. And, while last time I used that line it was probably delivered insincerely as an easy means to weasel my way out of a relationship, this time I really mean it. 


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