If You Say Sorry One More Time, I'm Gonna Make You Sorry.


For as long as I can remember, there is one habit that has driven me absolutely insane.

What is that habit, you ask, in hopes of not ending up on my bad side? (Or simply out of curiosity)

Saying sorry for things that are in no way, shape or form your fault and/or deserving of an apology.

Mostly it irks me because it simply makes no sense- why are you apologizing for the fact that the coffee I made and poured for myself burned my tongue because I was too impatient to wait for it to cool?  Do you really need to say "I'm sorry" when I vent about being annoyed that my kid got up at 5am today? Did you bang pots and pans outside her door at the crack of dawn? Didn't think so. Ah, I could go on and on.

In some cases, the aforementioned s-word irks me because it comes off as patronizing. Like when sorry is used as a response to "I'm so exhausted" or "F*ck my jeans won't button" or "My daughter just hurled her sippy cup at me and now I have a giant bruise on my forehead."

Figuring out a delicate way to articulate this pet peeve has eluded me for years- and as such, I am forever grateful to Pantene for this video that sums up the epidemic perfectly. Funny, I never thought of over-apologizing as a primarily female phenomenon, but now realize that it TOTALLY is. And it has got to stop. Part of the brand's #SHINESTRONG campaign, the goal is to inspire women overcome bias and stereotypes by empowering them with the education and resources to step it up a notch.

Don't get me wrong, if you slam my finger in a door, spill red wine all over my new white dress, or bang pots and pans outside Alexa's door at 5am, a simple "I'm sorry" is warranted. But otherwise, keep it to yourself, okay?