The Best Way To Give Your Home A Touch of Temporary Whimsy

1- Crayon Fence/ 2- Hey Y'all / 3- Gold Stars / 4- You Are Loved

5- Arrows / 6- Good Vibes Only / 7- Hello.

When presented with an empty wall, my decor solution was always the same- put up shelves. Why? They were low-commitment, I could always change what was displayed on them. As my interior design acumen and art appreciation matured in recent years, I have begun to cover the walls of our home with amazing art- bold, modern pieces that make me smile every time I walk by. However, for whimsical touches and fun impulse decor ideas that I want to execute quickly and may tire of in a year's time, vinyl wall decals are a girl's best friend. 

Initially my vinyl wall decal addiction was limited to my daughters' playroom- proving to be the perfect solution to a space that I knew was destined for a consistent change as their interests developed. I put this decal along the bottom of the wall to denote the "art" area, and over their "stage", I had a personalized version of this sign made. Then, the vinyl wall decal obsession spread to other parts of our home- Goldie's nursery has the most gorgeous assortment of theseover her crib, and this is the perfect message for them to see each morning when they brush their teeth (well, by "they", I mean Alexa- since Goldie isn't quite there yet.)

Anyone who follows me on Instagram is aware that I am also on a mission to modernize the exterior "curb appeal" of our home- on the docket is painting our front door a TBD shade of purple. But in the meantime, I am going to place a custom made address decal this along our entryway post, and perhaps a gold version of this decal on our side entrance. 

The prices are insanely affordable, they are super easy to put up, and, as your taste changes, so can they. A total decor no-brainer, right? 


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