The Easiest New Way To Update Your Cookware Like A Grownup.

BTW- I am obsessed with the roasted cauliflower recipe in  this cookbook . You will be too.

BTW- I am obsessed with the roasted cauliflower recipe in this cookbook. You will be too.

I am starting to like to cook. The sense of accomplishment is a total rush. 

In the process of warming up to this whole cooking thang, I wreaked havoc on the cookware that we had been using since our wedding, over 12 years ago. And while I know certain high end cookware should last way longer than that, the truth of it is, they maybe should have had a novice cook like me in the test kitchen before making such claims.

For months, my husband pleaded with me to get new pots and pans. I didn't know where to start, so I ignored him completely. 

Then, I came across Made In Cookware. It felt like this brand was talking TO ME. Made FOR ME. The site design, the "voice", the whole approach took something super daunting and made it- dare I say- fun.

This direct-to-consumer brand is the brainchild of a young company sprouted out of  a 100-year old, family-run business of supplying restaurants and hotels with premium cookware. So, they aren't just some shiny, slick marketing-driven machine. They know their stuff. 

 The Made In experience begins with this survey-  basically, the most un-intimidating conversation you can have about cooking with a computer. It instantly put me at ease. (The company is based in Austin, TX and everything about it just feels Austin-y, if that makes sense.)  After answering a series of non-judgy questions about my cooking ability and aspirations, I got a customized recommendation as to what I needed to build a cookware collection that matches my lifestyle. Effortless and accurate- my favorite combination. 

Based on my survey results, The Core Kit was the best fit. (LOVE that they have already grouped products into 5 kits- so you can fill your cart in one click.) I opted for the minimum number of lids- because I can never seem to efficiently store the damn lids anyway- and- how smart is this?!- Made In lids are sharable between similar sized pieces. The kit includes these 5 things  and is $419 (shipping is free.) Sure, you could get significantly less expensive pots and pans, but you will also get significantly less quality pots and pans- and at this point in my life, I am too grown up to be using a random assortment of $18 pots and pans from discount stores.

The essentials included in the Core Kit- details  here .

The essentials included in the Core Kit- details here.

The quality is awesome- the pieces are substantial without feeling overly clunky. The stainless steel heats evenly, the handles are easy to grip, and they really did think of every detail in the execution of the product design and customer experience- two things that I greatly appreciate.

Oh- and the labels are made from plantable paper- an unexpected bonus that resulted in a bunch of extra basil going into the garden this year! Now, to find the recipes in which to use it all...


*Note: Made In Cookware gifted me the product, however, this post is not a sponsored post, and all opinions are completely my own.