Baby Style: Scentsy Buddy

As a brand new member of the mom demographic (just typing that kind of creeps me out, but anyway...) I am constantly on the lookout for anything and everything I can get my hands on to make Alexa happy and my life easier in the process. And consistently I am amazed at how unique many of the offerings in this category are. In some cases, "unique" is polite code speak for  ridiculous, but in most cases, "unique" means just that- unique. And actual problem solvers- a quality that  have learned is crucial to a product's success in the mom/baby market. There are very few strictly frivolous purchases- new moms have needs, and they are not going to buy something that isn't going to fulfill them. Lets just say my beloved Brian Atwood Maniacs wouldn't always have a wait list if they were carried in Buy Buy Baby.

Scentsy has these adorable Scentsy Buddy toys that are true problem solvers. The problem? A not-so-stellar smelling changing table. The solution? These adorably soft and cuddly stuffed animals that hold the yummy fragranced Scentsy pouch of your choice inside.  Lenny the Lamb, pictured below, is perched in the corner of Alexa's changing table, leaning casually up against the wall, nonchalantly filling the room with the subtle and clean Newborn Nursery scent.

Think of it as a luxe scented candle for the under 5 set.