Mom Notes: Talking Style with Brooklyn Rocker Dad

Just typing Brooklyn in the title of my post makes me feel a little cooler than I actually am. And being featured on one of my favorite "parenting" blogs is pretty awesome. I put parenting in quotes because, well, it may be technically considered more of a "daddy blog" but that phrase kind of makes me want to throw up in the same way just hearing the term "mommy blog" does. Hence I am at a labeling loss.

Anyway- Brooklyn Rocker Dad is written by Dan Zweben, who I knew back in the day when he was a producer- before marriage, kids and grown up life happened upon us both. His blog is such a refreshingly honest perspective on being a dad, stuff that my husband probably feels to some degree but doesn't tend to verbalize. And while blogs about being a mom, balancing work and motherhood, yada yada yada are a dime a dozen, this one is truly unique and I highly recommend you all check it out. Or, at the very least, take a gander at  my interview. Once you see the posts teased on the right side of the screen (I am sure there is a technical blogger term for this but I don't know what that is so bear with me), you won't be able to help but click. "Why Having a Kid Doesn't Mean Giving Up Your Manhood" is a personal favorite, but they are all a great read.