Mother's Day Gift Guide: Bags & Baubles By Sunday, Via Shopbop.


To know Shopbop is to love Shopbop, right? Especially because it syncs with your Amazon Prime account, so anything you order arrives with free 2-day shipping. SCORE! I pulled together picks in two of the most mom-gift-friendly categories- baubles and bags- so even if you have procrastinated thus far, you're secret is safe with me. 

BAGS: Marie Turnor is my new obsession- her metallic "lunch" bags are day-to-night perfect, for every age. Cult Gaia is the style blogger brand of the year- the visual impact of each piece is stunning, and somehow also so wearable. The classic Cult Gaia Ark Mini is fun in this translucent hue, while the new Lucy Goddess Mini is timeless retro. 

For the new mom- how adorable is this "baby" organizing bag? And, it is $15! This is just the coolest bracelet bag (hands-free is key for every mom, and it also has a strap to wear cross-body), and this may just be the most fun keychain-slash-bag charm ever, no?

I am for sure buying this set of Oh Joy! packing cubes as a Mother's Day treat to myself. I am always the one packing the kids for travel and cute cubes will make the process more pleasant.

BAUBLES: Adore this brushed gold LOVE bangle- because it is square, it isn't cheesy, if that makes sense. Pearls are HUGE right now, and  done as statement hoops is modern but still, because they are pearls, classic.

Sweet studs are also that thing women can never have enough of.  Cherries- I mean, what more can I say about these? And, well, BOSS? Yes please, because you know she is. Mismatched earrings are also having a moment, and this broken arrow pair is the coolest way to do it daily.