The Quick 6: New Beauty Products To Buy Now.

Things we all need- more time, less noise. As such, "The Quick 6" series was born (in my brain, this morning while suffering through my self-imposed torture of 100 burpees a day- yeah, I know, it feels as horrible as it sounds...until it doesn't...) 

"The Quick 6" will be a less verbose version of my usual product-centric posts, offering up things I am using and loving, and strongly suspect you will use and love too.

1. Nooni Appleberry Lip Oil: This Korean import is so hydrating but not heavy- and delivers extra softening thanks to the apple water, which sloughs off dead skin. The berry tint looks natural but better, and works on EVERYONE. Plus- the price is VERY right- $12 a pop.

2. Urban Decay Naked Heat Petite: This mini of the best-selling Naked Heat palette has the 6 colors you will actually USE, and the edited down assortment makes it easier not only to bring on the go, but it is more simple to experiment and play with different looks. 

3. St. Ives Detoxifying Cleansing Stick: Inspired by Korean beauty trends, this travel-friendly essential is made with organic coconut oil and can live in your shower (or gym bag)- just massage it on wet skin and rinse. It also never gets all mushy in the package- every time you use it is like you are opening the top for the first time. 

4. Dove Dermaseries Expert Repair Balm: The hero product in the brand's new Dermaseries collection, I love this for heels, hands and even over my blush on the apples of my cheeks to relieve that tight-skin feeling and give a glow. One tub will last you FOREVER. 

5. slip Pure Silk Pillowcase: I sleep on one every night- feels so nice and cool on your skin, but also preserves skin's moisture and reduces hair breakage and frizz. Plus, its cute and machine washable. 

6. Harry Josh Pro Tools Oval Brush: This is not new, but I realized I never let you guys know about the bestest brush I have ever owned, the only one I basically need. I use it for blowdrying and styling- it has just the right amount of grip to give the smoothness you want while never getting tangled and stuck in your hair.