New Year's Eve Style: A No-Regrets Sequin Situation

Sequin Mini Dress  /   Similar Cropped Blazer  /  Shoes  (best shoe spurge of the year, FYI)  /  Earrings  

Sequin Mini Dress /  Similar Cropped Blazer / Shoes (best shoe spurge of the year, FYI)  / Earrings 

If there was ever a time to slip into sequins, it is New Year's Eve. My dress is from probably the most well-priced and well-executed sequin-centric brand, Dress The Population. It is insanely easy to wear- which is true of all the picks I rounded up below. Because buying something sparkly should be fun- however, if you think you will only wear it once or twice, that purchase suddenly become stressful, right? In the case of the look above- I threw a cropped black blazer on top to tone it down a tad, and the shoes pictured happen to be my hands-down most thrilling impulse buy of 2017- they actually come with removable wrap-around bows, and you really have to see the complete look to understand how awesome it is- check it out here.

A few other faves, clockwise starting with the insanely chic but still kinda pimp-ish sequin coat on the left:
-This is a similar style to the dress I have on above- only difference, mine is a crewneck- I actually prefer this version.
-Rad (best word to describe it) rainbow glitter mini that you will actually end up wearing year-round, usually with a white tee and jean jacket if I had to guess.
-The most glam maxi dress that is perfectly suited to hosting duties, should you be the one throwing a party.
-Sequin hair bow for $20? No brainer.
-My daughter is OBSESSED with "switchy" sequins at the moment- and this dress is the grown up version- totally reversible depending on which way you flip the sequins- so cool, right? 
-In my dreams (the ones where I don't eat an entire bag of Twizzlers for dinner after I skip the gym), I wear this cropped turtleneck with both light wash boyfriend jeans and high waisted leather leggings, depending on the occasion.
-A bargain buy, I just love the drippy details on this cozy velour mini- also, velour = warmth! Huge.
-Ankle booties are such a trend and not going away any time soon- this pair hams it up the way it was meant to be.