Peplum Frills & Denim That Will Give You Chills....


Peplum has long been one of my most favorite fashion trends. It always looks stylized and fashion-y, without ever really feeling fussy. And, the whole structured ruffle situation is endlessly feminine and flattering- both wins in my book. So- when I was hosting an event at WEST (an amazing boutique with a swoon-worthy insta- follow them here), and got to borrow an outfit for the evening from their multiple racks of amazingness, the above Katharine Kidd top was the first thing I tried on. And ultimately, the easy winner in the "what the F do I wear" contest. 

Initially I tried pairing it with black or super dark skinny jeans- and something just wasn't right. It needed more contrast to fully highlight the dramatic swoop of the high-to-low peplum.

Which is how I was formally introduced to the brand that is apparently the biggest deal in denim right now, MOUSSY.  Featuring premium Japanese fabrics, MOUSSY jeans feel like worn-in pajama pants but look like authentic-vintage-but-better.  The price tag is steep (you can check out a bunch of options HERE) - but if you wear jeans 24/7, may just be worth the investment. (Note: This is also how I feel about these sneakers- when I first saw how $$ they were, I gaped- then I caved, and have never looked back, so...there's that.)

Below (or, if reading this post in your inbox- HERE), more night-out peplum in the spirit of my Katharine Kidd top (which can be yours with a call to WEST at 203-557-4157), and my 5 favorite pairs of MOUSSY jeans that I think work best for day-to-night-to-weekend-lounging-to-everything-in-between.