FOUND! The Best Brand For "Grown Up" Dresses You Will Wear Constantly.


When I was in my 20's, I lived in cute, colorful mini dresses that I would buy en masse from brands like Tracey Reese, Rebecca Taylor, Nanette Lepore and Milly. The brighter the hues, the pouffier the skirt, the shorter the hem, the better. I was working in beauty PR at the time, and went out to parties after work pretty much nightly. And I was (relatively speaking) a baby! So these pieces made sense for me, and I would wear them ALL. THE. TIME. For, like, years. 

Then, life changed. I grew up, started working for myself from home, had kids, moved to the 'burbs- you know the drill. And when I needed a dress for anything- a TV appearance, a charity luncheon, a client meeting, a dinner party- I was still, often times, recycling the dresses of my "youth" but topping them with a blazer and more "sensible-ish" shoes.

What I needed to find was a go-to dress brand (or 2 0r 10) that hit the sweet spot of "functional for adulting" yet still fashion forward and throw-and-go/easy to wear. And, worth investing in. Since I no longer need to wear these dresses daily, if I am give a a $350-$500 dress real estate in my closet, it must be able to stand the test of time and lend itself to versatile styling- i.e. work with tights and pointy toe pumps, as well as bare legs and knee high boots.  

If the above scenario sounds relatable to the fashion demands of your life- let me introduce you to Sandro.  This French brand, that had been on my radar peripherally for years, happens to make dresses that fit the bill PERFECTLY and you really must become familiar with it immediately.  I recently purchased 3 dresses- this conservative but cute long sleeve velvet frock, this ultra-flattering dress up/dress down lace number, and this gorgeous green go-to. They have already gotten a bit of wear, and I know there is MUCH more to come. Mom-friendly (i.e. just enough coverage to chase a kid around without looking matronly), well- fitting (no tailoring needed, which is rare for me!) and on trend but versatile and truly timeless (at least for the next 3-4 years, in my estimation), they really check all the boxes.

Trust me, I have tried on a TON of dresses over the past couple of years in an effort to recreate the "never stressed about what to wear/get dressed and out the door in under 10 minutes and look totally put together" ease of my twenty-something dress arsenal. The styles from Sandro are the first ones I have found to consistently deliver- love having anew go-to brand to instantly edit the shopping process- because really, at this stage in life, who has the time?