Samantha Faye Jewelry Does The Mommy & Me Thing So Very Well.


I am gonna be honest- the word "mommy" kind of makes me cringe. The phrase "mommy & me", even more so. Apply said phrase to fashion or accessories, and you could pretty much count on me running for the hills in horror. Maybe I am becoming soft, or maybe the offerings are becoming chic (I like the think it is the latter!) but lately, two things with striking similarity have found their way into Alexa and my respective closets.

The first can be seen in this post. The second? Check out this week's video, and you will totally get it. 

Samantha Faye jewelry came into my life a year or so before Alexa did. Her collection of whimsical but very wearable charms made me smile from the start (this was my first acquisition from the line, back in 2010), and I love that it is now something I can share with Lex in a way that doesn't feel all Toddlers & Tiaras.

The prices are  reasonable as it is, but throw in a generous 20% off all purchases through May 30, and heck, why not do a little shopping for yourself and a little someone you love?

To redeem the discount, simply click here, shop and enter the code SelectiveEye at checkout.