You Need These High Waist Denim Picks NOW.

Yeah, so remember when high waist denim was considered the ultimate mom-jean-taboo? Poor Jessica Simpson had to majorly take one for the team in 2009 when she sported a pair of high waist jeans on stage and was subsequently skewered in the press. I blame the angle of the photographers (they had to shoot up to capture her, never a good thing) because truth is, few styles of denim are more flattering than high waist ones. 


A high waist creates a longer leg, sucks in and totally flattens a belly, and makes it possible to wear more fashion-y cropped cuts on top without sitting on the floor and showing the universe your butt crack.  Oh, and it just looks sophisticated and polished. Tuck in even the most sloppy t-shirt and, all of the sudden, you give off an "in the know influencer" vibe as opposed to a "hot mess mom" one. 

Here are my faves across the board:

1- Jeans: If you follow me on social- or read this blog regularly- the fact that I lead this piece with this style from Madewell should come as no surprise. I own a light, medium and dark wash pair- they stay front and center in my closet year-round. Recently I also added this button fly drop hem pair to the mix and love how it looks with sneakers. This pair from Levi's got on my radar after seeing all the cool California Instagram girls sporting them- I love them for summer because they don't have much stretch in them, they are more of a traditional structured denim and as such, work perfectly with platform sandals and a flowy tank top to create a laid-back surfer girl effect. I have this under $100 pair as well in my arsenal and love styling it with a sparkly party top and sky high sandals because the juxtaposition of the distressed wash and the classic Levi's pockets makes fancy pieces feel more wearable for the "easy breezy but not totally casual" occasions that often happen in the summer months.

2- Denim Shorts: This is my all time favorite high-waist pair- seen in the photo above, and pretty much any other photo where I am wearing a bathing suit and shorts combo because the pairing just always works. Runner up award goes to these super cute cut-offs- the rainbow pocket detail alone is enough to validate owning a pair.

3- Denim Skirts: Deconstructed denim with a super high waist works wonders to create shape in a style that looks totally effortless- this skirt is a winner on both fronts. And you can't beat the cool factor (or price!) of this $60 find that also happens to have a super flattering a-line cut.