The Best Rain Boots for Kids, Ever.

There is no competition, people.  Crocs rain boots  are far superior to any and all others. Plus- the price is SO RIGHT- under $35!

There is no competition, people. Crocs rain boots are far superior to any and all others. Plus- the price is SO RIGHT- under $35!

Sure, across any category, I always have my favorites. And I am aware that said favorites are very much subjective based on my personal preferences, and others may not agree with my picks for one reason or another. However, in the case of the best rain boots for kids, I am just gonna go ahead and say it- I AM RIGHT. Trust me when I tell you this: Crocs Rain Boots are by far the best rain boots for kids ever.

(And, for that matter, the adult rain boots - should you be in the market- although sadly the current style only comes in black and navy, whereas the bright yellow ones I own no longer seem to exist…)

Granted, I am well aware that there is one particular rain boot brand out there with “it factor” appeal- ahem, Hunter… Sure, the color options may be more on trend and yeah, deny if you wish but few are totally immune to the fashion status symbol of the HUNTER logo across the top…I get it. But you are making a mistake if you don’t listen to me and get your kid Crocs Handle It Rain Boots STAT.

(And no, this is not sponsored- to be honest, I don’t even know who currently handles PR for Crocs. I worked with the brand on a project 8 years ago, which is how the rain boots first came on my radar- and I have loved them, and purchased for my kids several times- ever since.)

Why are they amazing? Besides the VERY reasonable price point

1- SO LIGHTWEIGHT! Like, literally, light as air. Which means on days when you think they will need rain boots, you can throw them in their backpacks “just in case” without weighing them down. And vice versa- if they wear the rain boots in the morning, but then the sun comes out, they can easily bring them home, even if they are 4 year olds and averse to carrying anything, ever (I speak from personal experience on this one).

2- EASY TO PULL ON! The handles are perfectly sized for little hands to grip tightly, and the boot is flexible so feet can easily be shimmied right in- with or without socks.

3- COMFY! The flexible Croslite foam cushioning feels great and is easy to walk in (unlike some rain boots that feel really stiff) and the roomy fit allows feet to breathe- these are literally perfect in all seasons- from hot and sticky summer days to the dead of winter.

4- TRAVEL FRIENDLY! Because of how light they are, throwing them in a suitcase every time you travel anywhere is a no-brainer. I tuck the girls’ undies and socks in one boot and toothbrushes and toiletries (in bags, obv.) in the other.

5- COLORFUL! These come in 7 cheerful color options, and sizes run from Childrens’ 6 to Junior 3. Since I find kids shoe sizing confusing, to give context- Goldie is 4 and wears Child 10 in these, Alexa is 8 and wears Junior 2.

I am still on the hunt for the best kids rain jacket and an easy-to-use, mini but not too mini umbrella for rainy days, so please leave any of your faves in the comments! xx JF