A Silk Blouse For Sweaty Situations

Silk Blouse / Jeans /  Boots  (best score ever!)

Silk Blouse / Jeans / Boots (best score ever!)

In all honesty, my life is one big sweaty situation. I am not that girl who is always cold- quite the opposite, actually. And as a result, silk shirts have long been off-limits to me.  But the silk button-down shirt is a cornerstone to the wardrobe I am currently aiming to build for myself- comprised of pieces that work equally well for day (on the occasions I am not holed up in my office or running errands dressed in the uniform of my suburban mom tribe- workout wear) and night.  So I embarked on a mission to find the perfect silk blouse that doesn't make me sweat at the very thought of wearing it out in public.

This FRAME top is PERFECT. I am no textile expert, but whatever they do to the silk makes it cool to the touch, and I have yet to sweat at all on the 10+ occasions I have worn it. I love the delicate diamond and twinkly star pattern, and the ruffle detail at the sleeve makes it extra flattering (but if you want a more menswear vibe, throw on a blazer and one would never guess that there is a feminine detail underneath.)

Here are some other suggestions for the best silk button downs to add into your wardrobe- they will get tons of wear through the holiday season and beyond, I promise.

1- First & foremost, my beloved FRAME blouse that also comes in this version in the event you are pattern-averse.
2- This is similar, but with an inverse color situation and a slightly slimmer fit.
3- Under $40 and incredibly well constructed, the pale pink ribbon trim against the black floral is super modern. 
4- The kimono-cut sleeves are so freaking cool- I love a blouse that causes people to do a double-take, which this bargain find definitely does.
5- The ultimate statement print- whimsical but somehow timeless- the draping of the sleeves and the tie at the neck keep it from being too cutesy.