Summer Sunglass Edit: The Best Pairs Between $10 and $500.


I freaking LOVE sunglasses. They are the best statement accessory, sleep deprivation/morning-after-too-many-Titos-and-soda concealer, and security blanket when you are out and about and really not in the mood to talk to anyone. I own many many pairs- and one thing I know to be true- it makes sense to have a variety of not only styles, but price points. Because you don’t want to wear your $400 designer shades to an amusement park- but you still want to enjoy the anonymity that comes with giant sunnies covering half your face while you wait in line for fried dough.

These are my favorite pairs of the moment- along with three super cool accessories that I highly recommend to keep your frames from falling/scratching:

(Note: I resisted putting my signature sunnies on the list because, well, I have surely talked about them enough over the past few months- so in the interest of keeping it fresh…)

1. Privé Revaux launched these clean white frames that are somewhere between round and square shaped which means they literally look amazing on every face.

2. I can’t get over how cute this fruit salad inspired sunglass chain is from Tuleste- a delicate necklace that does double duty. The purple enamel heart chain (#6 in the image at the top of the post) is also super sweet.

3. This is the PERFECT pair of $15 oversized black frames to buy in bulk.

4. These come in a bunch of colors on Amazon, but I happen to love the 70’s vibe of this brown shade with the star embellishments most.

5. Warby Parker has amazing sunglass styles this season- the subtle angle detail on the brow makes this pair stand out- especially when the light hits it.

6. See #2 :)

7. Splurge worthy shades that I haven’t been able to stop thinking about since spotting them on Shopbop- the rose gold chain threaded through the brow bar?! LOVE.

8. I own these and I wear them a TON- the best quality I have found so far when it comes to Amazon bargain frames, they feel sturdy, the pearl and rhinestone embellishments don’t come off, and they are less than $20. I get stopped EVERY TIME I wear them.

9. Clearly I am into the oversized black frame thing right now- this pair is from an indie brand that has a crazy cult following. They look good on EVERYONE and will last forever if you treat them right.

10. Personally, this eyeglass case/bag charm is a must-have. Clip it on and tuck your sunnies inside to keep them at arms length (and scratch/smash free) at all times.

11. The subtle ombre mirrored lens on this $14 pair makes them look expensive- and also, dare I say, age appropriate for school drop off/pick up when you want to get that modern look but don’t want to seem like you borrowed your kid’s glasses.

12. The 3rd and final pair of oversized black frames I will share (promise!)- this is the mid-price pick from Quay (I have bought a bunch of their sunglasses over the years and while the wire frames tend to stretch out, these enamel frames keep their shape), coming in at $60.

13. Sure, #11 was subtle- this pair is most certainly NOT, but in the very best way. Because if you are going to do it, sometimes you just want to DO IT, ya know? The coolest way to update the classic aviator shape, right? Yup.

14. These hexagon frames made the list because they flatter all face shapes- and the glossy taupe acetate is one of those hues that works just as beautifully in summer as it does in winter- a true year-round essential (and well-priced, I must add!)