This Weird New Lip Product Is Actually EVERYTHING.


When the mailing for the new Urban Decay Lo-Fi Lip Mousse landed on my desk, I stared at it for like a week before even attempting to use it. I just didn't get it. The name "mousse" to me signaled something wet and whipped- but this product looked like a powder eyeshadow (in a compact that looked like it would hold powder eyeshadow, no less). I had tried lip powders before over the years, and in my experience, while the pigment payoff was always amazing, the dry formulas tended to feel icky and look old-lady-pancake-y within an hour of applying it.

Well, one night, in a pinch, as I ran out the door, I grabbed one of the Urban Decay Lo-Fi Lip Mousse compacts in the shade that looked least intimidating to me- Halo, a warm but still bright pink. In the back of an Uber, I dipped a finger tip into the powder and- EUREKA- it is not powdery at all! It feels almost like an air-light gel- cool to the touch and weightless. I like to press it onto my lips with my ring finger- that deposits just the right amount of product- working it across the top and bottom lip, dab dab dab (as I type that I can visualize it, not sure if it translates but, here's to hoping!).

If you want to buy one thing to take your look from "glossy, shiny summer" to "sophisticated, polished fall", this is the the thing. It's waterproof too which is super cool and the fact that it is so light makes it easy to build. So this one product could be both your everyday hint of lasting color AND your night-out bold statement wow factor. 

Halo is my favorite shade because it is the easiest to wear and, in my opinion, the most universal to start with. Wavelength is my other top pick- it is a medium pink/purple that is perfectly suited to this kind of matte formula. Amplify is the closest to a classic red, but better because people scared of a matte RED RED will like how this can be used lightly- the formula affords for options, and options are everything. In life and in lips, as I think about it...

Have you tried Lo-Fi? Let me know what you think- or if there are any other new Fall lippies you are loving, do tell...