What Moms REALLY Want For Mother's Day

Trust me on this. For any and every type of mom (at least the types of moms I would want to hang out with), there is at least one, if not 10, things on this list that would make them very happy (and get significantly more use than pretty much any "traditional" gift idea that you see advertised ad nauseam this week.)

So- from starting at the top left and working around in a somewhat clockwise manner:

1- Aviator Nation Sweats: She wants them. But she may feel insane buying them for herself. So be the hero. Because when it's a gift, you can't feel as guilty about owning a $150 hoodie. 

2- Charlotte Tilbury Makeup: When you give a limited edition makeup set- especially one from this universally coveted brand- it feels sweet and gift-y, not ill-intentioned and awkward. This one is called the Uptown Girl set, inspired by the most beautiful, iconic women of Hollywood. So, you can get all creative and sappy and tie it in to how your baby mama is the most beautiful, iconic woman ever yada yada yada...

3- Vita Fede Jewelry: Modern pieces that also manage to be timeless- her new matte black collection is the perfect addition to any jewelry box- edgy but not overly so.

4- Golden Goose Sneakers: Yeah, they start around $400. But they will be worn more often than any other equally expensive (if not more so) shoe in her closet. 

5- Bold Necklace: Look for one like this (designed by Elizabeth Cole) that takes classic elements and updated them into an oversized, more stylized, piece. She can wear it with EVERY SINGLE THING. Workwear, night out jeans and a blazer, black tie, etc.

6- Whimsical Earrings: The ultimate conversation piece, these are the earrings that transform her daily uniform (be it jeans and tee-shirt, a shift dress and blazer, etc) into something memorable. Yeah, they seem bonkers- but that is why they work. Promise. 

7- Edie Parker Clutch (or Key Charms): Depending on your budget (the charms are super cool and start at $125, a bunch of her signature clutches are actually on sale right now here), there are endless options. This is the way women do "evening" bags now, people- as a way to add a playful statement to what may otherwise feel like a serious get-up.

8- Dita Sunglasses: Oversized and awesome, these frames look great on EVERYONE. The bigger the better- super chic and guaranteed to mask all signs of sleep deprivation. 

9- Sergio Rossi Godiva Pumps: These are the perfect take on the of-the-moment pointy toe pump. I have tried them all, so I know. Very sexy, but also very sophisticated. And, there are many color options to choose from- including this wild one, which personally I would wear daily (well, on the days I give my Golden Goose sneaks a rest.)

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