10 All Time Favorite Beauty Products That I Actually Buy Myself.

It didn’t feel weird at all to embrace a bottle of   Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray  - and read on for the rest of the beauty products I would happily make out with if the opportunity arose.

It didn’t feel weird at all to embrace a bottle of Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray- and read on for the rest of the beauty products I would happily make out with if the opportunity arose.

Talking about beauty products is, in my experience, a no-fail cocktail party conversation starter- so part of me feels like I should save this post for January when I no longer have to make small talk at holiday gatherings, but, well, I have never been one known for self-restraint, so, by popular demand, here you go- 10 of my all time favorite beauty products that I seek out online or in stores and buy (with money, as opposed to having them sent to me from brands which sometimes is how the love affair begins, but once I am deep into the relationship, I like to put the purchasing power into my own hands):

1- Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray: If it was not for this product, I would not have been able to cut my hair short. It is the only thing that gives my fine hair the strength to hold a messy wave, which, with my current haircut, is really the only kind of wave I want.

2- Biologique Recherche P50 1970: Wrote about it HERE, and since then, everyone who has purchased it has emailed me raving, so…it’s a confirmed keeper. Use it morning and/or evening after washing your face (before applying creams) to turn over dead skin cells and make your complexion glow.

3- IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream Foundation: There is the original formula, an Illuminating version and, most recently, a Matte finish formula. I tend to rotate between all 3 depending on my mood or the season (always in THIS shade) but honestly, you can’t ever go wrong with the smooth coverage and other added benefits, like SPF and such.

4- Briogeo Rosarco Shampoo & Conditioner: Initially this was sent to me by a publicist, and I noticed after about 3 weeks of consistent use that my hair was healthier than it had ever been. So now, totally devoted. It is Sulfate and Paraben free and packed with nourishing vitamins and oils that make a world of difference for chemically-treated, keratin-ed, highlighted hair.

5- Nooni Lip Oil: The best discovery for me to come out of the K-beauty frenzy that swept the universe last year- I get the WORST chapped lips every single winter, and this is consistently my go-to- but I actually use it year round anyway because the berry tint is so perfect and lasts forever without looking too intense.

6- Flesh Beauty Fleshpot Eye and Cheek Gloss: My obsession is detailed HERE- I never get more compliments on how glowy my skin looks than I do when I pat a bit of this on each cheekbone before leaving the house in the morning.

7- Urban Decay 24/7 Waterline Eyeliner in Legend: Since the day it came out, I have used this and only this to line the inner rims of my eyes. It never smudges in that raccoon-eye way, and depending on how much I sharpen the pencil, it can deliver a subtle fine line for definition or a thicker one for a smokey statement.

8- St. Tropez One Night Only Finishing Gloss: It will change the way you feel about showing skin- on your arms, legs, shoulders, wherever- year-round. A dime size dollop somehow instantly removes like 5 pounds from my frame simply by making skin look bronzed and toned.

9- Caudalie Beauty Elixir: Get the travel size, and use as needed all day long to refresh your makeup- 4 spritzes transforms lackluster, flat foundation/blush/bronzer that may even be borderline dry/chalky looking by 4pm into dewy amazingness.

10- Ilary Perfume: I have been wearing this rollerball scent for like 8 years now- maybe more- and I never tire of it. Plus, the rollerball is easy for travel and on-the-go.