10 Things On Sale Right Now That I Paid Full Price For (And, Why I Am Okay With It.)

I live in   THIS SWEATER   half-tucked into   THESE JEANS  - both on sale right now!

I live in THIS SWEATER half-tucked into THESE JEANS- both on sale right now!

My adorable friends are not on sale, but   THIS DRESS   very much is.

My adorable friends are not on sale, but THIS DRESS very much is.

I would be bitter… annoyed… borderline furious…. if I didn’t wear/use these purchases so often that even at full price, the cost per use is actually crazy low. Sure, now they are all on sale (and in some cases, majorly on sale) but, so it goes… My loss is your gain, and in these cases I am totally okay with taking one for the team:

1- Something Navy Sweater: Puff sleeves, a mix of sparkly and edgy hardware and the perfect length for half-tuck styling- Arielle Charnas knows her stuff when it comes to design details!

2- Alice & Olivia Purple Maxi Dress: I paid like $800 for it, you will pay about 1/4 of that- it is super easy to pack for travel, I lived in mine on on THIS recent trip.

3- Alice + Olivia Black and White Lace Dress: Adorable with sneakers, and polished with a blazer on top when you want to look all professional, this is an essential (plus the lace means you can roll it up into a suitcase and arrive with it fully ready to wear, wrinkle-free).

4- Madewell 10” Skinny Jeans: Almost every pair of jeans I own is a version of this style- and with Madewell’s current 40% off sale offer, this is the time to see the magic of a 10” high rise waist for yourself.

5- Throwback Champion Track Pants: The iconic style, and perfect length (you can’t easily hem side-snap track pants, so the fact that these work on my 5’2” frame- paired with wedge sneakers, but still) is huge. I bought them for like $100, now they are wayyyy less.

6- The Upside Leggings: I first wrote about the miracles these pants perform back in January of 2016 (check out the post HERE) and have been wearing them to workout ever since. A bunch of my personal favorites are on sale now- this style happens to be one of my go-to’s and as of this morning, all sizes are available!

7- Alice + Olivia Fitted Midi Dress: I have a past season’s version of this dress (wore it this morning on Today actually!). I love the fit, the “holds you in just enough'“ lining and how versatile it is- it really never gets “old”. While some of the patterns are still full-price, THIS one is under $85 (WHAAAAAAT?!) and happens to be my favorite print of them all.

8- Chaser White T-Shirt: When I wrote about the 5 best white t-shirts everyone should own, THIS was pick #1.

9- Levi’s Wedgie Icon Jeans: Rigid denim is a thing, and it will be for a long time. This pair of classic jeans makes pulling it off fool-proof.

10- KidKraft Vintage Kitchen: Throwing one in here for the kiddos, because when I saw the deal on my girls’ favorite pretend play kitchen, I had to share. . Buy it now, and save it for an upcoming birthday/holiday/that kid you plan on having some day- whatever it may be.