Love It: Urban Decay NAKED Palette


One of the biggest arguments I use in support of purchasing eyeshadow palettes is the value proposition- typically you get 6+ shades for less than the price of 2 or 3 single pans. So, in the most basic terms- clearly, this is a good deal. However, let me be honest with myself- and you all- for a second: Most likely we will only use 2 of the shades anyway so we  really haven't saved money and in the process  ended up wasting valuable makeup bag real estate.

Well, the NAKED Palette from Urban Decay renews my faith in the value of palettes. Packed with 12 shades (including 5 brand new ones), so far I have used every single shadow multiple times. Creep is perfect over my Stila liner to create a slightly shimmery smokey eye, and Sin is an all around amazing everyday shade. I could go on...But alas, there is still so much more to tell.

Inside the palette is tucked a double-sided 24/7 eyeliner- one end is black, the other brown. Made exclusively for this set- I imagine my makeup artist friends who swear by the 24/7 liners will be quite jealous to know I have this baby in my beauty arsenal. And, to top it off- they threw in a mini Eyeshadow Primer Potion- my personal secret weapon when it comes to long lasting makeup.

So go ahead- play and enjoy. You can literally go from everyday subtle to all out rock & roll glamour- and everything in between- without ever having to wander beyond the luxe chocolate velvet case that is NAKED.